How to Prototype an Invention

Innovate Prototypes are dedicated to helping people turn their ideas into reality. We produce all manner of prototypes to suit your requirements and budget. We pride ourselves on being adaptable to meet the needs of the individual and happily involve you in the whole process, to ensure the final result is exactly what you want.

Unlike most prototyping companies, we were created out of a product design company and consequently have a strong emphasis on creating innovative solutions to get the best final product for you. ‘Best’ means a cost effective, functionally sound and aesthetically pleasing product that will sell well.

We can start from any level of development, so even if all you have is a sketch on the back of an envelope, why not come in for a meeting to discuss your idea and how we can help take it forward. Click here to contact us.

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"Without their creativity and complete understanding of the requirements of Logical Gadgets, we would not have such a slick and funky product design. Logical Gadgets would highly recommend Innovate to any prospective organisation who would like to develop their product further."

Delia Strand - Founder of Logical Gadgets

Services we offer

• Rapid Prototyping

• CNC Machining

• Vacuum Casting

• Tooling

• Laser Cutting

• Electronics Development

• Fabric Prototypes

• Mechanical Design

We have built everything from robotic back-packs to pushchairs and lots in between.

So why not give us a call to discuss your prototype idea?

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